Bayburt Siyahı Mermer - Analiz Dosyası İndir

Analysis Test Name : Chemical Analysis of CaO, SiO2,Al2O3,Fe2O3,MgO in Natural Stones
Analysis Test Code : 35-30-AA-30
Analysis Test Method : TS EN 15309
Barcode Name Of
17-H-000730 BLACK SWAP 0.57 53.83 0.20 0.41 2.14


The Analysis / Test Name : Determination Of the Pre technological Analysis
Test Name Result
Cutting Stone Slab Good
Cutting Edge, Corner Good
Polishing Capabilitiy Getting polished


The Analysis / Test Name : Determination Of the Hardnes
Test Name Result
Hardness (Mohs) 4

The Analysis / Test Name
: Real Density, Apparent Density, Open Porosity and Total Porosity
The Original Condition Of The Sample As a Stone
The Drying Temperature of Sample © 110
Weight of the Sample(g) 5,54
Volume of the Sample (cm3) 2,04
Real Density (g/cm3 ) ( ASTM D5550-06) 2,71


Analysis Test Name : Petrographic Analysis for Marble Group Natural Stones
Analysis Test Method : TS EN 12407          
Color : Very Light Gray b ( According to N8 - Geologic Rock-Color Chart (2009)
Texture : Massive          
Grain Size : Fine Grained          
Fractures : They compose of the thickness, their iner are filled with secondary
(carbonate) mineral fillings
Thin section made date Number of this section Thin section size (mm)  
23.02.2017 1 28x48
Texture : Microcrystalline
Composition :  
Carbonate minerals : with 100% ration, fine grained, xsenomorphic-hypidiomorphic, isometric, homogenously distributed isotropic.
Discontinuousity :  
Filled Cracks and Veins : They vary between 0.16-1,2mm widthes, various lengths, their insides were filled with secondary
carbonate (micro-mesocrystalline) minerals, homogeneously distributed; very little ratio of them
are as stylolite shapes filled with opaques, their distribution are heterogeneous.
Explanations : According to their chemical analysis results , for example they are composed of 98.11% of calcite and
1.89% of dolomite minerals.
    Being undergone the structural forces, the rock retains oftenly a breccia figure, with filled cracks
of developed varios widths